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According to an online survey, the FMCG sector is the fourth biggest in India when it comes to the market presence. Perhaps, it is most diversified industry of all with it actively associated with other sectors such as Production, Distribution and Marketing. The major activity involves dealing with consumer packaged goods such as Cosmetics, Medicine, Beverages, Stationery and more.

By considering the above facts actively, People Prime Worldwide has deployed a dedicated workforce to ensure that the requirements of all our clients are met on time. We understand that the number of people relying upon branded products is all set to grow. This trend exemplifies the hiring of more professionals in the near future.

Jobs in FMCG Sector

Leading FMCG companies across India are known to focus upon the increasing needs of consumers to a major extent. At People Prime, we are known to successfully hire candidates at various levels based upon their skillset and experience.

Some of the job openings in FMCG that are in huge demand are as follows:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Territory Sales In-charge
  • Head – Sales & Marketing
  • Area Store Supervisor

Our Advantage

People Prime Worldwide hiring experts have benefited clients by recruiting the right candidates on time. Considering the fact that the FMCG sector is growing at an astonishing rate in India owing to factors like clearly set distribution networks, affordable operational costs, easier resource availability, the role we will play proves to be even more crucial than before.

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