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Prospective employees on the lookout for a new job or seeking job change need to understand that the hiring practices of modern organizations have changed a lot. The in-depth focus upon the candidates by Talent Acquisition and Human Resources teams is something that has to be considered seriously.People Prime Worldwide understands such scenarios much better than anyone else because of its unique experiences in the past.

1.Focus upon your niche

Recruitment industry is very diverse in nature and so are the candidate profiles. If you would like to make a lasting impact upon your employer, then research about the company and the services or products it offers. Also, you must increase knowledge about your domain to display your technological finesse and communication strength.

2.Explain why you are the best fit

There are numerous occasions in the hiring domain that candidates come across a common question that why only they should be hired. Instead of thinking wayward, you must highlight your USPs to get a clear-cut impression about what you exactly need. It helps your interviewers in assessing how serious are you about the new position.

3.Attend interview on a positive note

Shed all your inhibitions before attending an interview. Always, the interview has to be attended with a positive approach. Display the kind of confidence needed and expected by the interviewer so that you could up your chances of getting hired. It must be noted that no candidate should give blunt answers even if you are 100% aware that it’s not your specific zone.

4.Prepare for interview strategically

Attending interviews by expecting that a panel of prospective clients would be asking a set of tired and tested questions is your biggest folly. Never take chances in this regard with the preference given to questions within your comfort zone. It will avoid fumbling unnecessarily and helps you grab a position of your choice or at least join as an intern.

5.Ask interviewer a couple of questions

Remember that answering correctly to the questions posed by the interview panel is just one side of the coin. There are other aspects that most of the interviewers look into such as your interest in the job you have applied for. As a matter of fact, you are expected to ask few questions about the roles and responsibilities you need to perform, and the details of the organization you would soon be joining. Saying “No questions” will give an impression that you are not interested in the job.

6.Practice before you attend the interview

No matter how better you prepare for the interview, there are situations that you might stutter or pause even if a simple question is asked. It might surprise the interviewer and will immediately send negative vibes. Such a strange situation could be easily avoided in case you practice properly before you leave for the interview. Additionally, it will help you to get familiar with the interview process even before you attend it.

7.Just few minutes of interview session decides your fate

It will not take long for the recruiter to come to a conclusion about you once the interviewing session commences. Hence, you have to concentrate upon your confidence levels and crosscheck your answers before you give. That’s the reason why it is aptly said that “First impression is the best impression” and will seal your fortune related to the interview.

8.Stay on the interviewer side

Generally, any interviewer would try to bring the negativities in you that might lead to your disqualification. By sharing your views by syncing with that of the interviewer’s, you can create a positive impact. Also, the interview process should go on smoothly by avoiding controversial topics and jinxed instances.

9.Make use of Google Alerts

Before preparing for the interview, it is necessary that you collect some vital information about the organization. After setting up Google Alerts in time, you can avoid any embarrassment in this regard. In fact, you get to view relevant postings that will help you in cracking the interview, which will go down well with the Board of Directors resulting in your selection ultimately.

10.Online presence holds the key

Often, it has been observed that most of the interviewers would be interested in knowing about the social side of your personality. It is crucial that you project a decent image of yours online by being active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. However, you must be careful about any negative projections such as sexual content and more.

11.Maintain minimum hygienic levels

No matter how good you are in your profession, it would hardly impress the recruiter if you fail to tidy up yourself. Wearing proper dress and grooming up decently are two vital aspects about which you need to be careful. Avoid the feel of sweaty armpits by using a good antiperspirant. You may even keep a checklist for hygiene to crosscheck before going out.

12.Get ready with paperwork

Facing an interview with a lot of confidence by replying to the interviewer’s questions is one side of the coin. There are numerous other aspects that matter the most when it comes to actual interview stage. For example, you must keep all your samples ready in order to showcase whenever the interviewer asks for the same.

13.Maintain proper conversational ethics

Talking in a fluent manner and in a pleasing way is an art not honed by all. At the same time, you must try your best to explain, convince and impress the interviewer regarding the questions you are asked. At the same time, it is a must to check whether your mobile phone is in “Silence” mode or not.

14. Stay hydrated / Eat light

Though you know about how to answer a question, you might still not be able to do so. This is because of a sore throat or dry lips. It might appear to be trivial, but the situation would be a lot different once you experience it personally. Hence, you need to ensure that you eat satisfactorily and remain hydrated to face the interview with success.

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